Daily Success 2/5/2013 – laid up for 8 weeks, I put on 26lbs. because of medication


2012 was not a good year. I fractured my kneecap and while I was laid up for 8 weeks, I put on 26lbs. Not just because I didn’t exercise—but because I couldn’t stop eating. Food is my drug, my poison, and in the past I always thought I could outwork the bad food. But being laid up—and reaching 300 lbs.—forced me to realize that I needed to get my unhealthy eating habits under control.

Many of my friends had done the Ultimate Reset and claimed it was life changing. That’s exactly what I needed, a life-changer. Fast. So I ordered the Ultimate Reset and promised myself I would not fall off the path and I would finish this by the book…no matter what!

The Ultimate Reset was exactly the “tool” to help me correct my food issues, and cleanse my body and overcome all my issues with food. I joined my Coach’s Challenge group, poured myself into it daily and posted away. My group helped me stay accountable.

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With the Ultimate Reset I’ve lost 26lbs. and 3 inches off my waist. I have forever changed my view of food. Heck, I lost every craving. To sit here and not have a single craving for a cookie, a candy bar, a fast food place that I should own stock in. Just unreal. Life changing!

I absolutely loved that all the food was laid out for me. The recipes were easy to follow. I knew exactly what to make and how long to cook it. Totally dummy-proof. I am no longer letting food rule my life! I got my life back!