Daily Success 2/16/2013 – I was ashamed to look at any photos of myself

9-Ron-URBefore doing The Ultimate Reset®, I was ashamed to look at any photos of myself from the last five years. Half of my closet was full of clothes that didn’t fit anymore. My kids would make sly comments about my weight, or rub my belly like Buddha as they walked by. And my wife, Ruthie, simply didn’t look at me the way she used to. I couldn’t blame her; I looked nothing like the guy she married all those years ago.

So when my Coach told me about The Ultimate Reset, I agreed to give it a shot as a last-ditch effort to jumpstart my weight loss, as well as get that spark back in my wife’s eyes. But honestly, I didn’t think that a 21-day “diet” would make much of a difference. After all, it took years to put the weight on, so I figured it would take just as long to peel it off. But boy was I wrong.

During those 21 days on Reset my life completely changed! I lost 19 lbs., learned how to fuel my body with proper nutrition, and even discovered a few new healthy and delicious foods that are now part of my daily diet. And I’ve even started wearing some of the stuff in my closet that I couldn’t even fathom fitting into three weeks ago.

But just because I lost all that weight rather quickly doesn’t mean it was easy. My greatest challenge was believing that anything about me could change in just 21 short days. So when times got tough, Ruthie was right there, cheering me on, helping me plan and prepare my meals, and tracking my results. And my Challenge Group was crucial to my success as well. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging, and I never felt as if I was on this journey alone.

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Now I’m 19 pounds lighter, but still have 13 more to go to reach my goal of 159. P90X is next on my agenda, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Before The Ultimate Reset, losing weight seemed like such a huge mountain to climb, but now I’ve realized that anything’s possible—I just had to believe in myself. And Beachbody, of course.