Daily Success 1/8/2013 – After having 8 children, you could say I’ve always been a mom

1-Kimberly-TMT-RA-ShaOAfter having 8 children, you could say I’ve always been a mom. But I wasn’t always 110 lbs. overweight. No, that came from putting on 10 lbs. with each baby and never taking that weight off.

After cooking and cleaning (I do about 125 loads of laundry and over 100 loads of dishes EVERY month), home-schooling, and taking care of my husband—I just didn’t have anything left over for me… until this year.

When I saw Tony Horton with his 10-Minute Trainer workout—I said, maybe I can sneak away for 10 minutes. And I started. Soon 10 minutes became 20, and then 30, and I finished 10-Minute Trainer!!! I loved it.

But after all those babies, I decided it was time to attack my abs with RevAbs. So off I went. When I started, I had to modify. I gave birth EIGHT TIMES!!! There was NO WAY I could even consider jumping jacks. But by the end, I didn’t have to modify at all—I CAN do jumping jacks!

So far, I’ve lost 75 lbs. I give credit to 10-Minute Trainer, Rev-Abs and Shakeology. I drink Shakeology twice a day for several months. It cut cravings and gave me a good amount of protein and both start and end my day with.

Best of all, I am going to be a grandmother—at 49—next month. I used to look like a grandmother, but NOT ANYMORE! Now, I don’t even feel like a grandmother. And after all this time, I can fit into my wedding dress!!!!

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