Rubio’s how I will miss you…

So rubios has been one of our favorite local resturants and I always thought it was fairly healthy but Tuesday I found out the truth.

I ran out of time and decided to drive home for lunch and called my wife and asked if she had lunch yet, she hadn’t so I asked what she wanted and she had just had a NEAT treatment so she couldn’t have sugar.  So I head off to Rubio’s and get her a grilled Veggie Burrito and myself a HealthMex Chicken Burrito.  So calorie wise I am golden with only 500 calories for the burrito, but then we look at the ingredients.  There are so many processed items in all of there food.  I commend Rubio’s for providing this information.  Rubio’s Ingredient Statement

Needless to say I was very disappointed and so I say farwell to Rubio’s.

Ignorence might be bliss, but knowlege is power.