9/11 Remembrance

Where were you on this day 10 years ago? I was driving to work when I first heard that a plan had hit the World Trade Center (I can show you the exact spot). The first thing that I thought of was the B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. When I got to work I walked into the Help Desk call center I asked if they had heard about it and they told me that another plane had just hit the second tower. I have never had a feeling like that before or since. At the time I was working on F.E. Warren AFB and for almost the rest of my time left on base the security was heightened but not once did we complain for the life of those and all those that server this country should be held with the utmost respect.

Remember this day 10 years ago, remember those that have given their lives since then tragic day, remember those families that have lost loved ones, and remember those that are in service of our country today and never stop praying for each and every one of them.