Not what you can’t do…


Start of another great week!

How do you know if it is going to be a great?  Because you decide it going to be and then you make it happen!

Things will go wrong and it will feel like the universe is fighting against you, but choose to say “No matter what happens I am going to have a fantastic week!”

Use your challenges to reflect on how to improve yourself, your loses as a door closed with a new door opening and always look at what the next step forward is.

Do you have a day that you use to recharge you body and mind?


Finally a rest day.  Sunday is the day that I choose to rest my body, go to church services and spend with family, in turn rechaging myself for the week to come.

It is important to allow the body and mind to recover from all the pushing that we put it through the week.
Sunday is also my time to reflect on the past week, and review where I fell short and plan what I can do better in the week to come.

Are you living 5 days a week dream?


How passionate are you about your goals in your goals?

Do you wake up 5 minutes before your alarm clock goes off, are you giving up something you love to make a goal, or is your dreams a 5 days a week passion?

During the week when we are work it is easier to keep a schedule. Our dedication passion represented on the days where we don’t have a set schedule, and we don’t have someone telling us what to do.

If you have a dream or a passion make sure that you aren’t cutting yourself short and letting yourself and your dreams down on the weekends.

Do you use a pre workout drink?


I had someone yesterday asked me about getting energy for a workout. I do believe that pre workout drinks help you pick up your game but if you don’t have everything balanced it could just be dropping energy from you that you need later.

Make sure that you are using supplements wisely to increase your performance and not as a bandaid to mask things that you are not doing.

Eat, sleep, hydration and then supplements to fill in gaps and improve performance.



Recently there was a discussion on Facebook about how someone have been working out and eating right for 3 weeks and had lost 2 pounds, but she had lost 7.5 inches around her body.

I cannot stress enough my disdain for the bathroom scale and society’s obsession with weight.

Weight is just one measurement and is subpar at best to track one’s health especially when you get within 20 pounds of your supposed ideal weight. Please look at a more important measurements of functionality, inches, and before and after pictures in conjuction with your weight.


Almost 40!!


Yep, it is an ab day which means extra sweat, extra pushing, and extra just getting down and workout dirty!

Extra motivation never hurts when your body is tired and you just want to go shower. I am 18 days away from the big 4 – 0.

When I think about that milestone it makes me want to push even harder to make sure that I am in the best shape of my life at forty.

Do you have something that is pushing you today?