Are you comparing yourself to others?


It is easy to look at someone else and their results, and become frustrated angry or even depressed, if we look at then as a comparison.

Each of us are individuals, with individual experiences, body types, personalities, and journeys. To use someone as a goal is too deny our self a journey that we are meant to go on.

Tag someone that you use as inspiration and not as a measuring stick.

Regret of not starting?


Do you regret not starting something yesterday, last week or last year because you are’t “good enough” or “you could never do that”?

Many times and many people say that they are a failure in their heads, and so they never try. They quit before they start, saying I am not good enough or I could never do that.

Wayne Gretzky said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So don’t quit before you start, and  when you do start don’t expect to be perfect, don’t even expect to be good, just expect to learn and build.