Happy 40th Birthday day!


Happy 40th birthday to me, this mean kind of sums up what I have been working for.

In my 40 years of life I’ve had a lot of accomplishment, challenges, struggles, heartache, successes, etc… and I can say that I am proud of everything even the mistakes that I’ve made because it has made me who I am today.

Don’t live in fear of what you have done in the past, use it as steps to become better, to help others, and to leave a legacy that others will remember you in a good light.

First day to decide how your life is going to go.


I consider Sunday the first day of the week, which is the perfect time decide how we are going to live the rest of the week.

We will all have challenges in the up coming week and if we decide NOW that we are going to take those challenges head on with a great attitude those challenges may still be tough but will be much easier to deal with.

Consistency in small changes.


What are you going to choose today?

Making little changes to your daily routine is what is needed to make big changes to your life.

But its not only the little changes that are needed, it is consistency in those repetitive sometimes boring little actions that bring true change.

The small consistent changes overtime will compound into the results that we get.

If we make bad choices it compounds in too bad results, but if we make good choices it will compound into good results.

SO… what are you going to choose today?

What do say to yourself?


Self talk can be one of the most rewarding or one of the most damaging things that we do.

When speaking to ourselfs, determine if what we are saying is positive or negative by asking “Would I say this to a friend?” 

If you wouldn’t say it your friend because it is hurtful, then why would you say it to yourself.

Remember what we tell ourselves is what we focus on, and what we focus on so it becomes our reality.

A little memory this #ThrowBackThursday


#ThrowbackThursday is sometimes is just a day to sit back after a workout  and know that you gave it everything that you had and know its something you can’t have done in the past.

Social media issue number 1!


I love social medias but there is one issue.

Many of us when we share we only share the good things that happen in our lives and so we become almost unrelatable.

I know that I personally have daily struggles that I don’t share here, and it’s not about being perfect it’s about doing your best and the ability to keep moving forward.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, only the choice to keep moving forward and to improve ourselves each day.

Don’t strive for perfect, strive for better than yesterday.

The path may not exsist.


When going out and trying something new the path that we are taking may either be very hard to see or may not even exist.

Don’t let that stop you, if there something that you want create a path and start moving.

You will have people that will tell you you are crazy and it can’t be done but as you keep going forward you will find others that will follow help you build that road to your future.

Whatever you do however slow it goes keep building and creating the future that you want and remember to live like no other you have to live like no other.