Your favorite footwear could be making you less perky

Yes, we’ve all been told to “sit up straight”–or suffer the consequences of poor posture. But that’s just not a particularly scary warning. So let us explain it in a way that’s a little more specific: a bent spine might mean saggy breasts.

Did that get your attention?

Here’s how it works: When you slouch forward all the time–like you probably do while working on your computer or driving your car–your chest muscles actually stiffen, which pulls your shoulders forward into a permanent slump. The result: A look that’s unbecoming to your bosom. Worse, hunching forward also puts more stress on your upper spine, which leads to neck, back, and shoulder pain. Did your neck start hurting one day and never stop? It’s probably the result of poor posture.

But bad posture doesn’t just mean slumped shoulders. When you sit constantly–as most of us do–the muscles on the fronts of your hips become short and tight. What’s more, your glutes–or butt muscles–actually forget how to contract. (After all, with so much chair time, they’re not being used for much of anything except padding for your hip bones.) Now, the combination of tight muscles on the front of your hips and weak muscles on your backside causes your pelvis to tilt forward. This pushes your lower abdomen outward, making your belly pooch out–even if you don’t have an ounce of fat.

Worse yet, high heels complete the ugly picture. Your high-fashion shoes not only contribute to your pooch, but again, leave you less perky up top as well, according to Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., author of The Female-Body Breakthrough. That’s because heels make your ankle muscles tight. This leads to tighter muscles all the way up your legs to your lower back. (Think of the old song: “The ankle bone is connected to the knee bone . . .” It’s the same way with your muscles.) And a tight lower back causes you to compensate by hunching forward even more, says Rachel. So your sag worsens. Not a pretty sight.

The bottom line: Your body is a chain of inter-related muscles from head to toe. If you have a problem in one area, it’s going to cause problems in another. But you can use this simple three-step guide to slouch proof your posture. Start today–and you’ll begin to look better instantly.

1. Always sit as tall as you can. Sure, it sounds obvious, but remind yourself every few minutes, whether you’re at your desk or in your car. You’ll be surprised at how much you tend to slump when you’re not thinking about it. Then use these simple cues to set yourself straight.
*Pull your shoulders down and back. Simply imagine that you’re trying to create as much space between your ears and shoulders as you can, and try to hold that position.
*Pretend there’s a string attached from your chest to the ceiling, pulling your chest up at all times.
*Brace your abs–as if you were about to be punched in your gut–but breathe normally. It’ll seem hard at first, but keep practicing, and it’ll become second nature. A bonus: It’ll also help fight lower back pain.

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2. Do an exercise called the hip raise daily. This strengthen your glutes and teaches them how to contract again–which helps allow your pelvis to move back in its natural alignment. Here’s how to do it: Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your arms out to your sides. That’s the starting position. Now squeeze your glutes and raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from you shoulders to your knees. Pause for five seconds, than lower body back to the starting position. Do two to three sets of 12 repetitions every day.

3. Stretch your chest. This helps loosen your chest muscles, which become short and tighten when you slump. Try a simple doorway stretch: Place your arm against a door frame in the high-five position–your palm facing forward and your elbow bent 90 degrees. Now step through the doorway until you feel the stretch in your chest and the front of your shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat with your other arm. That’s one set; do a total of 4 daily.

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Get Set to Grow

Straight from our told-you-so file: Scientists in Japan found that men built more muscle by doing 3 sets of 10 dumbbell curls than by doing just 1 set. What makes the study unique? Twice a week, the lifters did the 3-set routine with one arm and the 1-set routine with the other.  So genetic differences among lifters weren’t a factor.  Here’s how much those 2 extra sets helped.

  • Muscle gain with 1 set 8% with 3 sets 13%
  • Strength gain with 1 set 20% with 3 sets 32%
From Men’s Health July/August 2011


September 25th Newletter

CoachGShort Weekly Newsletter September 25th 2011

How BeachBody made me more charitable.

So I already give to my church and when we have old furniture we donate it to the local thrift store, but one thing that I haven’t done in the past is give old clothes away. Since I haven’t grown since who knows when I just held on to my clothes. So my clothes end up either being to small and I would hold on to them for when I loss weight or I would wear them out to the point I would feel guilty giving them away. Well now that I have finished my second round of P90X (Yup that is two full 90 day routines) it is time for my clothes to say good buy. So here is what I will be donating to charity:

    • 9 pairs of Jeans
    • 7 pairs of slacks
    • 2 Sweater
    • 3 pairs of shorts
    • 7 work & dress shirts
    • 5 long sleeve fall shirts
    • 1 Belts (yup I even have a belt that is too big!!!)

I have been taking this ever since I became a BeachBody coach I can personally say that not only do I love the taste but that this keeps me regular, keeps me full for serveral hours which helps me from eating the doughnuts, breads, and other treats that people bring in to work. It gives me the vitamins and nutrients that my body needs and over all just gives me the envergy that I need through out the day. In fact while I type this I am drinking a PB&J Shakeology with Peanutbutter and Strawberries!

I truly believe in this product! I recommend giving this product a try and with the Beach Body Bottom-of-the-Bag guarantee if you are not totally satisfied in the first 30 day you can return it for a full refund (less s&h). If you are interested in trying a sample please either message me on or send me an email at

Beach Body Coaching Team!!!

“End the TREND” is just a saying, it a way of being.

Here are the obesity Trends from 1991, These stats are alarming. By becoming a Beach Body Coach and caring about those around you you can make a difference. Lets do our part to curb these numbers!!!

What are some of the benefits of being a coach?

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I have finished my second round of P90X and am now planning to start a thrid round of support on October 3rd!!  Come join us!!

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Heart-rate Monitor while lifting weights?

From Men’s Health:

I do intervals and lift weights. Would it be smart to use a heart-rat monitor?

More like brilliant. “Most men (people) don’t know their bodies very well. They think they’re going all out, but they’re not,” says David Jack, general manager at Competitive Athlete Training Zone. “A heart-rate monitor tells you exactly how hard you’re going.” That’s critical whether you’re hammering out intervals or doing strength training. For instance, short intervals are best done at 90% of your Max heart rate and heavy lifts at 60% of your Max, says Jack.

September 18th Newsletter

CoachGShort Weekly Newsletter September 18th 2011

I have always thought and expressed the importance of drinking you water, well this past week I was reminded of this.  The container that I have been using for the past couple of year had gone the way of the recycling and with out my pattern of drinking my water I felt the effects.  I was more tired, sore and honestly not as nice as I should be.

So why is water so important?  What does it do for us?  In this weeks article by Dr. Maoshing Ni goes over the benefits of drinking 6 8-ounces of water every day

 Water, Drink of Longevity

Most of us just aren’t getting enough water every day, which has a negative impact on all of our body’s functions — and thus, our longevity. This month, improve your cellular function, metabolism, and organ function with one simple habit: drink six glasses of water a day. Practice consistently, and by the end of the month, you will have a new cleansing habit that will pave the way for a long life!

Here’s why: Water is vital for good health and a long life. In fact, our bodies are made up of about 60 – 70% water. Although you can live for days without food, your survival depends on drinking water. Each and every cell needs water to perform its essential functions. Make sure to stay well hydrated by drinking six to eight 8-ounce fluid glasses of filtered water every day. Aim for about 64 ounces of liquid a day.

Benefits of a good drinking habit:

Stay hydrated. On these hot summer days, your body needs to replenish itself with water more than ever. When you become dehydrated, you don’t have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and give you a feeling of fatigue.

Regulate body temperature. For workout fans, drinking water reduces cardiovascular stress and improves performance. And water reduces body temperature, making the exercise process safer and more effective.

Skin health. Water hydrates and irrigates impurities from the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.

Nutrient absorption. Water transports essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins and sugars through your body for assimilation.

Flushes wastes and toxins. Water aids in circulating and excreting waste products and cleansing the interstitial tissues, helping us to flush toxins out of our system. Your body can process and eliminate some of the chemicals that enter it, but the rest get stored in the liver, lungs, kidneys, fat cells, intestines, blood stream, and skin. Without enough fluids to flush out your system, these accumulated toxins in your body will slow down your organ function, possibly causing premature aging or resulting in chronic illness.

Bonus tip: You are what you drink! Everything that goes down the drain from our lawns, agricultural fields, pharmaceutical drugs, or elsewhere in our environment inevitably ends up in our drinking water. Invest in a carbon-based filter to remove impurities from your tap water.

Reward Yourself

If you stick to the plan nearly every day, think of a way to reward yourself. You will be more likely to follow through with your goal when there is a bonus in sight.

Stay on track

To stay on course, ask yourself these questions each day. Keeping a written record of daily answers will help you stick to the plan and may offer insights to keep you inspired.

• Are you drinking six glasses of 8-ounce water every day? What has the experience been like?

• How do you feel today compared to the previous day? How about to one week ago? You may notice that you are feeling a little more energetic. Perhaps you feel lighter or are having fewer headaches.

• What obstacles are keeping you from practicing this hydrating habit every day? What can you do to get around the obstacle?

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I truly believe in this product! I recommend giving this product a try and with the Beach Body Bottom-of-the-Bag guarantee if you are not totally satisfied in the first 30 day you can return it for a full refund (less s&h). If you are interested in trying a sample please either message me on or send me an email at

Beach Body Coaching Team!!!

“End the TREND” is just a saying, it a way of being.

Here are the obesity Trends from 1991, These stats are alarming.  By becoming a Beach Body Coach and caring about those around you you can make a difference.  Lets do our part to curb these numbers!!!

What are some of the benefits of being a coach?

  • Help other discover the Beach Body products and
  • Discounts on all Beach Body products and programs
  • Opportunity to supplement you income while working out and sharing your experiences with Beach Body.

Now is the time to join. For more information please message me on or email me at

Gregory Short – Independent BeachBody Coach


9/11 Remembrance

Where were you on this day 10 years ago? I was driving to work when I first heard that a plan had hit the World Trade Center (I can show you the exact spot). The first thing that I thought of was the B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945. When I got to work I walked into the Help Desk call center I asked if they had heard about it and they told me that another plane had just hit the second tower. I have never had a feeling like that before or since. At the time I was working on F.E. Warren AFB and for almost the rest of my time left on base the security was heightened but not once did we complain for the life of those and all those that server this country should be held with the utmost respect.

Remember this day 10 years ago, remember those that have given their lives since then tragic day, remember those families that have lost loved ones, and remember those that are in service of our country today and never stop praying for each and every one of them.


September 4th Newletter

CoachGShort Weekly Newsletter September 4th 2011

Can Exercise give you headaches?

Written by Lewis Carl Monfort

Everybody knows that working out often belongs to the things you must do if you want to lose weight. It does not matter what other folks might explain; you are unable to lose weight just by sitting around. What most people don’t realize however is that exercising can definitely be a pain. You are most likely geared up for muscle cramps and aches in your back and in your joints, but are you prepared for exercise induced headaches? Unfortunately a lot of individuals suffer from exercise triggered headaches but, thankfully, there is plenty you can to do treat and prevent them. Here is the way to do that.

Drink lots of water–you likely already understand that this is important to do regularly but it starts to get even more important when you exercise. Headaches will often be brought on by dehydration and dehydration can happen after a workout that has been successful and sweaty (sweat drains the body of fluid). Drinking fine volumes of water before your training session routines, during your work out and after you have finished working out can do quite a bit to help you keep the headaches at bay. This is typically usually all you will need to do to heal any headaches that turn up a while after your workouts too.

Proper warm ups along with cool downs are extremely essential. Just jumping right into a vigorous workout can cause headaches because the blood will start rushing in the direction of the parts of your body that are doing the work and away from your head and brain. Your brain needs time to adjust to the changes and a complete warm up and cool down lets your body to make those changes gradually.

Practice suitable breathing techniques while in your workouts and weight liftings. Our brains require oxygen to survive and operate properly. Most of us instinctively hold our breath whenever we are executing something difficult but that just reduces the oxygen that is available for your brain. By exercising good breathing you keep the brain supplied with a good amount of oxygen and will ward off headaches.

If you see that you are experiencing headaches frequently and nothing that you are trying is reducing them or helping you keep them away, it is time to talk to your doctor. If your workouts or diet plan are causing your regular headaches then your physician will be able to help you figure this out. It is possible that you need medication to keep the headaches at bay. Your doctor should be able to make it easier to figure out how to both cure your headaches and go on working out and your diet.

None of us really wants to experience a headache; we do almost everything we can to keep them at a distance. The best part is that you don’t have to merely suffer through them. With the proper preparing and know-how, it is possible to avoid exercise induced headaches completely!

  • Is Shakeology worth it?
  • Is Shakeology good for you?

Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading this post, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not this best-selling meal replacement product is right for you.

Shakeology Review – The Basics

Shakeology is much more than just a protein shake. It’s also in a completely different league than your standard, everyday “meal replacement shake”.

In a nutshell, Shakeology is a complete (and super healthy) meal in a glass. Each shake is packed with 70 whole food ingredients that deliver the essential nutrients that the body craves and is often deprived of due to today’s typical unhealthy American diet.

Most Americans eat a steady stream of processed foods that are high in fat and sugar, and the challenge of eating a healthy diet is more difficult than ever. Shakeology offers a solution to that problem, one that is both convenient and affordable.

Is Shakeology a Scam?

Let’s be honest. The health and nutrition supplement industry isn’t always trusted or well-respected, and with very good reason. Many of the nutrition supplements being peddled today make huge claims and do very little (if anything) when it comes to providing real benefits to the customer.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder why some people are still skeptical about a possible Shakeology scam.

Fortunately, Beachbody is a company that takes great pride in their reputation and only produces the very best when it comes to health and fitness products. Great care was taken when formulating and sourcing the ingredients contained in Shakeology, and the end result is a product that truly deserves the growing popularity it’s enjoying.

The bottom line is Shakeology isn’t a scam, ripoff, or hoax. It’s a legitimate meal replacement product that delivers essential nutrition in a great-tasting, convenient, and affordable way.

Shakeology Benefits

Shakeology users have reported a wide range of health benefits, ranging from increased energy to lower cholesterol. In addition to providing all of these great benefits, it’s also great to know that Shakeology is certified low glycemic with a 24 GI (glycemic index) rating. A 24 GI rating is extremely low (which is a very good thing), and yet another confirmation of just how healthy this product really is.

In case you’re not familiar with GI ratings and the topic of blood sugar, foods that have high glycemic index ratings cause the body to produce higher levels of insulin which will provide a sugar rush, followed by a crash. Eating a diet that is primarily made up of low-GI foods is a great way to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.

Here are some more Shakeology benefits that have been reported by customers:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Better bowel regularity
  • Increased energy
  • Lower cholesterol

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