Weekly Newsletter – Dedication, Drive, and Discipline

 Dedication, Drive, and Discipline

Dedication, Drive, and Discipline

By Mike Griego

Dedication, drive, and discipline, something that many people have lost. We have all been sold on instant gratification. It isn’t necessarily our fault, we have been conditioned that way. (Please note I am using ‘us’ and ‘we’ as general terms.) Constant Media bombardment whether it is television, movies, music, radio, magazines, books, and even video games has lead the way in that department. The past 50 years leading to now has definitely had an impact on the nation and ultimately the world. The “it can be done immediately.” mentality has destroyed us. 

If it doesn’t happen “right now right now”, a lot of the time we turn the other cheek and walk away. Many examples are; ‘it was too tough’, ‘didn’t give you what you were looking for’, ‘didn’t meet up to expectations when first started’, ‘journey would be take too long’. Or excuses start to build immediately like; ‘I am not smart, fast, skilled, intelligent, etc. enough’, ‘too tall, short, skinny, fat, out of shape, etc.’ and so on.

All we need to do is sit back and dig deep into ourselves. We all have the ability to achieve great things, we just need to get in the proper mindset. We need to sit back, remember what our grandparents and our great grandparents did to achieve success. They didn’t wish, hope or miracle something to happen. They used true grit and hard work for their success and achievement. So if you find yourself in a rut with your fitness goals, business goals, school goals or whatever it is you are doing, just remember that we ALL have the ability to achieve great things. We just need to lace up our boots and dig into life and kick some butt!

Weekly Success Story

So the picture below is what I refer to as my marathon picture.  We have our day 1, 30, 60, 90 pictures which I consider the sprint pictures, but my attached picture is what I was able to do in the two years that I have personally been doing Beachbody.

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