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Would you bet on your own life knowing your past?



@jensicero in her book #youareabadass said “You are the author of your own life.” and that means for good or for bad. 

The events of your life might have delivered you where you are today but they don’t define where you are going tomorrow.

Take a few minutes and see my life in a nutshell https://youtu.be/LAz3v-s__LM

The Next Step not all steps


What you tell yourself has more power to affect your future then the things that are happening to you everyday.

I love the movie The Martian because the main character Mark Watney had every chance to say that’s it I’m done, I can’t take another setback. He doesn’t worry about everything he has to overcome but instead he only focuses on what’s next.

You don’t have to focus on everything, just what’s next, what do you have to do right now to make the next step in life.  You can’t walk a mile unless you walk the first 3 feet.

First day to decide how your life is going to go.


I consider Sunday the first day of the week, which is the perfect time decide how we are going to live the rest of the week.

We will all have challenges in the up coming week and if we decide NOW that we are going to take those challenges head on with a great attitude those challenges may still be tough but will be much easier to deal with.

Consistency in small changes.


What are you going to choose today?

Making little changes to your daily routine is what is needed to make big changes to your life.

But its not only the little changes that are needed, it is consistency in those repetitive sometimes boring little actions that bring true change.

The small consistent changes overtime will compound into the results that we get.

If we make bad choices it compounds in too bad results, but if we make good choices it will compound into good results.

SO… what are you going to choose today?

The struggle is real!


Is it hard? Good is supposed to be!

If life were easy we would not push ourselves to become better, status quo would be fine.

Struggles give us an opportunity to see what we don’t like and if we choose the vision to find a better way or a brighter path.

Is your struggle a burden or a chance to make things better?  It is your choice.

Tips to move you in the morning!


Staying up too late does not helping motivation in the morning, but I have my goals before I hit 40 so up and at em!

Here a few tip help yourself get up in the morning from the book the mircle morning… 1. Set your intentions before Bed
2. Set your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to tuen it off.
3. Brush your teeth
4. Drink a full glass of water
5. Get dressed or jump in the shower 🚿

On the hike of life.


What type of day are you going to have today?

Everyday good and bad things happen to us, our choice is to let those things that happened to us make us better or worse.

Our choices are up to us we can be the person that brightens up the room when we enter, or brightens the room when we leave.

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