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Life doesn’t go as planned


Life’s plans are set to go one way and just when we get started we get whacked up side the head.

It isn’t what we have planned in life it is what we do with what we are given that determines who we are.

Getup and get down!!

So much laying down and standing up! Who knew that was such a workout?  I even had to drop my weights down to 5 lbs on one of the exercises at the end.

Also listened to @lukus.grahamers new album which sounds like a winner!

Don’t ever think that you can’t change.


When I was 34 years old I figured that I was destined to be 30 lbs over weight with body fat 20% body fat.

All I needed was the right program and now I am living proof that you can write your own story.

What would you get rid of?


What would you get rid of?

Growing up very poor and on government welfare in a single parent home was rough.  I have a dream of helping children that come from the same situation.

I was given an opportunity to break the cycle of living in government support and it would be wonderful to pass that along.