Daily Success 4/10/2013 – After I had my second baby, the ‘eating for two’ excuse didn’t work anymore.

After I had my second baby, the ‘eating for two’ excuse didn’t work anymore. I was miserable. I had gone from overweight to obese. It was so bad, I didn’t even dare to weigh myself. I hated the way I looked. Hated that going up the stairs left me winded. And I hated that people were still asking me if I was pregnant. That hurt the most.

Something had to change. And it did one night when I was up with the baby and saw the infomercial for Turbo Jam. It looked like fun. I watched people say how it had changed their lives. And with a money-back guarantee I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When I started, I was amazed at how much fun working out was. I loved the music. Chalene’s enthusiasm and encouragement kept me motivated. And for the first time in my life, I actually wanted to work out every day!!!

Once I started seeing results—that only increased my determination. Even after doing the 20-Minute Turbo Jam tons of times, I still get pumped when it’s time to ‘get on the party train’! Chalene is so sincere that seems to know the best time to say something motivational that will get me pushing hard again even when I’m tired.

And guess what? I went from being obese to being healthy—and that’s a wonderful feeling. I lost more than 75 pounds (I can’t say for sure because I was afraid to step on the scale until I had been doing Turbo Jam for a while). I lost 13 inches from my waist alone. And I finally have a waist that’s smaller than my hips!

Best of all, I finally feel good about myself. I no longer feel fat and ashamed. Instead, I’m proud that I achieved something I once thought was impossible. Now I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to do. And I don’t think I could have learned that without Chalene!

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Daily Success 4/10/2013 – I was ashamed to take my shirt off at the beach.

I’ve been a firefighter for 18 years. But that didn’t stop me from letting myself go. I had a bad knee, a ruptured PCL, and a million excuses for my poor diet and lack of exercise. Yeah, I was embarrassed. I was ashamed to take my shirt off at the beach. And I had constant back pain.
But it wasn’t until I found myself eating a ¾-lb. burger, large fries and onion rings on September 11, 2011 that it really hit me. I was dishonoring the memory of my fallen brothers by letting myself go. They gave everything and I was giving nothing. I sat at my desk, coffee cup balanced on my belly and thought, “you’re disgusting.”

I needed a change. And I was finally ready to make it.

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Shakeology was the start. I’ve had one a day now for 12 months and I can’t imagine going without it. Not just because it helps control my urge to eat junk food, but also because it has fueled my LES MILLS COMBAT workouts. COMBAT has improved my balance, coordination, cardio condition—and it melted the fat off my. It feels great to get out and push myself—the sweat flies and the frustrations of life are gone.

I’ve gone from 234 lbs. down to 178—the lowest I’ve been since my twenties. I’m off blood pressure medication. I am full of energy. I sleep better than ever. My testosterone has jumped from 520 to 675…and I AM HEALTHY!

Best of all, I am a leader again and an asset to my crew of firefighters. I am their captain and it feels awesome to be back. Most people won’t get this, but here’s the most profound change: I rely on bottled air when I enter a burning structure. In the past I would use a 45-minute bottle in about 20 minutes. Not good and not safe. But now I can make the same bottle last for nearly 50 minutes! That’s incredible.

Daily Success 4/9/2013 – With 5 non-stop boys, I told myself I didn’t have time to eat right.

Even though I have Hashimoto’s Disease (a thyroid condition that can lead to massive weight gain) and my cortisol levels were borderline diabetic—I used to live on coffee and takeout. I couldn’t help it. With 5 non-stop boys, I told myself I didn’t have time to eat right.
But I knew better. And I knew I needed to start eating better, because my medication wasn’t solving all my problems. So I bought the Ultimate Reset™—then just let it sit on my shelf for months. I guess I was scared about all the cooking. And I just didn’t think I’d have the discipline to stick with it. So I asked a friend to do the Reset with me. Once we set a date, I went shopping, cleared a space for all the healthy food I bought, premade the dressings, took a big breath…and got started!

It was awesome! I did it. I NEVER cheated. When I went out to dinner, I’d watch my family indulge and just sit there, smiling. The first week was hard, but the time went fast. Planning and cooking ahead made the cooking easier than I’d imagined.

I lost 10 lbs., gained tons of energy (without coffee), and I love what this program did for me. It allowed the scale to move. It cleaned out all the junk in my system that was holding me back. And I am so proud of the way I look.

My life has changed a ton. I will never go back to the way I used to eat. I have been introduced to so many great foods. And I even feel like a better mother cooking healthy things for my kids.

Thank you, Beachbody, for this amazing program. I can honestly say it works!

Daily Success 4/8/2013 – I was extremely overweight and I’m not sure how I got there.

Before I was introduced to Beachbody, I was extremely overweight and I’m not sure how I got there. I was unmotivated, uninspired, and at 277 lbs.—I just figured that this was the way my life was going to be.
I started taking Mixed Martial Arts classes and I was seeing results but very slowly. A little after I started I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that could severely change my life, I knew it was time to get healthy, that’s when my life changed forever. During the holiday, one student taught a section on strength training and used INSANITY.

After class, I started talking to him and he spoke about INSANITY, Shakeology and Beachbody with such passion, I asked him to be my Coach right then. He suggested I start with Shakeology, and after losing 7 pounds in just two weeks, I called and asked: “what else you got for me?”

His answer? “INSANITY.” It was tough. But with his support and encouragement, I stuck with it for 60 days and lost 42 pounds! INSANITY was exactly what I needed. It was intense, but I loved the focus and the way myworkout continued to change. It was the hardest thing, but INSANITY gave me the cardio I needed to lose weight. When I was finished, I called him again and said, “that was awesome… what’s next?”

Since then, I’ve done INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Volume 1 and Volume 2, P90X, P90X2, LES MILLS Pump, (and INSANITY a second time because it’s my first love!). A year and a half later, Beachbody has helped me lose 93 pounds (out of my total weight loss of 138 pounds) and changed my life in such a positive way.

I am now a Coach and helping others. I remember when I started my journey with INSANITY, I sent my Coach a text that said, “I’m still alive… that was the craziest, hardest workout I’ve ever done! Can’t wait for Day 2!” There’s no way I would have had the success I had without my coach. Thank you for all the support through my journey!

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If I can help motivate and change one person’s life the way my coach helped me, than I will say I’m successful. I am truly blessed to be given this opportunity.