3 Steps to start your workout journey.


Three steps to starting you journey.

Get moving.  There are so many different reason but here are three that helped me.

Get moving…  
You have to move.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion but if you don’t move your body you will become a big paper weight that won’t want to do anything except hold the chair you are sitting on down to the floor.

Don’t measure yourself…
OK, yes I do think you should right down your weight, take before pictures and measurements.  What I don’t want you doing is saying “So-and-so looks so much better then me.”

We are all on are own journey, in our own temple (body), taking our own path.  Saying I want a body like Hugh Jackman, whose job is to act and look good isn’t the same path as me.  So comparing is setting ourselves up for an unfair comparison.

This is something that can help you in all areas and not just working out but it helps for sure when we are pushing our bodies.  Deep breaths help get oxygen into our bodies that allow us to push harder and stay focused.  Plus if you don’t breath during a workout you will die ;)